At the age of 14 Anastasia Kryukova began her fashion career attending a local fashion design institute in her hometown Tula, Russia. By her second year of school she accepted an offer to assist a local wedding dress designer. From there she quickly knew she had to further herself and continue her education, having been offered a scholarship to Moscow State University of Culture and Arts she found herself lucky and accepted the opportunity. This time of her life she focused merely on Russian Folk Art and also working towards achieving her Art Teaching credentials in early childhood education. “I don’t dream to be just a designer, but an artist; I just wanted to be able to create my own art.” Says Anastasia as she realized it would be after her education she would make the decision to further herself even more and immigrate to the United States. With another adventure ahead of her, Anastasia embraced yet a new chapter in her life.

In the world of fashion it is always every changing and never ending industry, Anastasia learned that as she came to terms that it is simply not enough to just design but to gain recognition. She wants to present herself through the cutting-edge and unique designs that would represent who she is as a designer. Anastasia did not just want to create the finish garment but as well create the materials that she would use on her designs. Being able to use several of unique mediums to create her fabric, Anastasia designs for all sorts of clients who also want a unique way to express themselves.

In 2015 Anastasia had an opportunity to be part of wardrobe department team for movie 'Trouble Sleeping’. She worked there along with the movie costume designer Camille Jumelle where the lead actress Vanessa Angel wore her dress for one of the scenes.

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